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1. Forms

icon-form-brightCreate a form

The basics of creating a form in Eskuad.

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Field type-2 Field types

Every field type in the form builder is unique. When you use the correct field type it helps to collect data in the field more accurately and efficiently.

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filling-forms Filling forms

Use the mobile app to collect data wherever you are.

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completed-form Completed forms

All your collected data, is safe and secure.

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2. Tasks

tasksTasks: the basics

The basics: what they are, and creating a task

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3. Datasources

datasourcesDatasources: the basics

The basics: what they are and how to use them

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4. Reports

completed-formBasic reports

Accessing completed forms and generating basic reports is a straightforward process. Here's how you can view and manage completed forms.

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report-templates Report templates

A template is essential for aggregating data, report creation, granting control for official reports, government forms, and periodic data reviews.

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database-template Database templates

Creating Database Templates in Eskuad: Streamlining Single-Form Reports.

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Customized report templatesCustomized report templates

Creating Customized Report Templates in Eskuad: A Powerful Data Aggregation Tool.

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downloading-a-report Downloading a report

Learn how to easily download reports in Eskuad using templates for structured data retrieval with step-by-step instructions.

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5. Building your team


Creating and Managing Invitations in Eskuad is a vital process for assembling your team efficiently.

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roles Roles

Organizations have different roles, and knowing what permissions each role has is important to structure your team correctly.

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squads Squads  pro-icon-1

Understanding Squads in Eskuad: Keeping Teams Separated.

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6. Automation and time-saving


Efficiency at Your Fingertips: Exploring Workflows in Eskuad for Automated Field Process Optimization.

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linear-workflow-1 Making a linear workflow

Crafting a linear workflow in Eskuad is all about arranging tasks or actions in a sequential order.

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cyclical-workflowCyclical/Approval workflows

Implementing a cyclical workflow involves integrating approval stages and periodic workflow reviews, creating an iterative process.

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7. Live Support

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